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Hand Crafted Instruments By Luthier Shad Peters

Hello! Welcome to the official home page of Peters Instruments, where original, creative concepts become reality. Customized guitars are my focus. As a luthier I build each guitar from the ground up, investing time, patience and dedication to my calling. This investment yields a trully custom guitar that only hand-crafting can achieve. Everything is tailored specifically to fit the needs and wants of the individual. Whatever you want your guitar to be, I can make it happen. On this website you’ll find photos and audio clips of guitars and other instruments I have crafted. You can also see some of my work in progress, and visionary designs pulled from my sketchbook. Please have a look around, and if you like what you see let me know-I am always up for new projects.
Thanks for visiting, and for your interest in keeping the craft of luthiery alive. Thank you & God bless!

- Shad Peters

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