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Hello, my name is Shad Peters and I’m the craftsman behind Peters Instruments. From the time I could swing a hammer I have been working with wood and as I’ve grown up the good Lord has given me a passion for music and creating things with my hands. I cannot take any credit for the circumstances, or talents that I have been blessed with that enable me to do this craft. I would not be so blessed were it not for Jesus Christ. No one is perfect, and certainly I am no exception but I try to give God the glory for what I do as best as I know how. I finished my first guitar when I was 15 years old and over the years since then I’ve learned that there is no substitute for the workmanship, dedication, and attention to detail that bring a handmade guitar to life. For this reason I adhere to time-tested techniques like hand carving each neck and archtop from rough sawn lumber. The process of physically shaping each piece of wood with my own two hands allows me to build not only by sight but by touch, and almost always yields a superior finished product. Nothing I do is automated; I am always in direct control of the work. I use power tools mostly for removing stock and to do rough shaping, but the final shaping and finish work is always done by hand.

For each instrument I select stock with exceptional strength, complimentary tones, and aesthetic character. I do my best to pair pickups with woods that will enhance the tonal characteristics and produce the desired sound. Through this process I can harness some of the natural tonal tendencies of the wood to help shape the voice of a guitar. The result is an instrument that is not only pleasing to the eye, but one that has a superb voice, and is full of dynamic, contrasting overtones giving it its own unique character. I started building guitars for one primary reason: the type of guitars that I doodled in history class and scoured catalogs for simply did not exist. Here my frustrations manifested: there were different names, but there were no different guitars. They were all the same cookie-cutter instruments that had flooded the market for 50 years. I desired something that was unique and tailored to my needs. In the end I resolved I would have to make it myself. For those out there who, like me, believe that there is something better to be had, this is the place for you.



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