Ranger #3


Ranger #3 was a side project that I had over the summer and have just finished up. This guitar is not intended to be a relic, but rather a rustically themed guitar. This is not intended to be a vintage looking guitar so much as a piece of folk art.
The body is made from old growth fir that was harvested in the later 1800’s. The 2x12 fir boards were salvage from a local hardware store built in the 1890’s where they had been used as floor joists for well over a hundred years. This piece of fir was not suitable for a hollow body instrument, but for a solid body it is excellent. It displays tons of character and is truly one of a kind. This old wood resonates like you would not believe, giving this guitar a good amount of acoustic volume despite the fact that it is solid in construction.
The neck is made from curly sugar maple and is colored with a nitric acid stain using a technique common to the old Kentucky long rifles of a bygone era. The fretboard is east Indian rosewood and has small pearl inlays to mark the frets without drawing to much attention to themselves.
The pickguard is inspired by the tooling found on western saddles and bowie knife sheaths. It is all tooled by hand in an oak and acorn style pattern, and finished in a mahogany antique polish and kneats foot oil.
The hardware is inspired by some of the great old fire arms I have grown up around and love. In a time when independent gunsmiths who took great pride in their work were still producing rifles were a work of art. Master engravers spent countless hours detailing the look and action with fine filigree elaborate hunting scenes. I wanted to bring some of that feel to this guitar. the hardware is all copper plated rather than chrome or nickel, and much of it displays subtle ornamentation. The engraving is not over the top, but it does contain great detail. Each piece of hardware was then finished in gun blueing oil to finish the look. While over all the hardware appears dark, there is still a glint of the copper that shows through and it really gives the guitar a unique look with a lot of depth.
All this together really gives the instruments a look that is very unique, and definitely not a “relic”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Body: old growth fir
Neck: curly rock maple
Carve: Thick C carve- one inch at first fret
Nut: bone
Width: 1 11/16
Fretboard: East Indian Rosewood
Fretwire: vintage jumbo
Inlays: small dots
Tuners: gun blued Grovers
Bridge: Engraved and gun blued
Electronics plate/knobs: engraved and gun blued
pickguard: hand tooled leather
Finish: oil
Pickups: Lindy Fralin 5% over wound.
Electronics: Bourne pots, 1 tone 1 volume
Switching: five-way super switch
1.neck alone
2.neck and bridge series
3. neck and bridge parallel
4. neck and bridge series/ out of phase
5.bridge alone





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