The Hell Cat design spent a lot of time as a mental concept before it actually got put on paper, and once it made it to paper it took a lot of refining to get it right. The body was something that had been on my mind for some time, and in many ways is the refined and distilled version of my very first guitar. It is actually closer to the sketch that inspired my first build than my first build ended up being.
I first started toying with the unique bridge shape this time last year. It was originally intended to be used for a fanned fret 8 string I was designing that never came to fruition. I was very pleased with the general shape though, so I made some adjustments for use on a mono scale six string. Carving the buckeye burl top proved to be challenging as was carving and shaping the bridge, tailpiece, and pickup covers by hand. The end result however is one that I am very pleased with. It plays well and in my humble opinion sounds great.

Final specs:
Top: Buckeye burl
Bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, knobs, and truss cover: walnut burl
Neck: curly walnut with two way adjustable truss rod, and carbon fiber reinforcement.
Body: maple core with walnut wings
Fretboard: EIR
Binding: Curly Maple
Inlays: Abalone set in copper
Logo: Copper wire
Electronics: Master volume, master tone, three way pup selector, and series/split/parallel toggle for each pup
Pickups: GFS soapbar 180's
Tuners: locking Grover
















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