The Ranger:

The Ranger was originally designed for the lead guitarist of the band Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Kelly Scott Nunn. Kelly wanted a guitar that would suit the musical and aesthetic style of the band (very heavy Southern rock) but also something that would be good on the road. What we came up with is a guitar that is unmistakably Southern, and can rock with the best of them. The guitar would be similar to other T-style guitars, but with more curves, a deeper cutaway, custom tooled leather pickguard, and semi-hollow construction. Making it semi-hollow helped tremendously in keeping the weight down and made it better for the road. Unfortunately before I could start building Kelly terminated his membership in the band and so the project was brought to a halt. I had really come to like this concept, so despite this I decided to go on with the build anyway. I resolved to grace this guitar from top to bottom with Southern charm. The top would be from curly maple like an old Kentucky long rifle, and the body from tulip poplar, one of the most abundant woods of Appalachia. In keeping with this, I used a very old staining method which involves heat and nitric acid to bring about a reaction with the natural sugars in the wood. This is the same method that was used on many old Kentucky long rifles, and it brings out depth in the wood like few other methods can. I engraved all of the hardware by hand, taking inspiration from two of my old hammer lock shotguns. The effect is subtle but gives the guitar a lot of class. Complimenting the engraved hardware is a custom tooled leather pick guard that I made. The guard has oak and acorn patterned tooling on it that was laid out and tooled all by hand and is finished with antique polish and Neats Foot Oil. The five-piece laminated neck got the same treatment and has scroll work similar to an F-style mandolin on the headstock. I had a blast doing all the little detail work on this one. If you are interested in something like it shoot me an email and let me know!

Body: tulip poplar with maple top.
Neck: 5 piece laminate maple and black walnut.
Fretboard: EIR 22 fret
Scale: 25.5 inches
Radius: 12 inches
Inlay: MOP dots
Trussrod: hot rod two-way adjustable
Nut: tusque synthetic
Tuners: Grover Rotomatic
Pickguard: custom hand tooled leather
Bridge/ control plate: custom hand engraved
Electronics: tone volume and a 5-way switch
1. Neck alone
2. Neck and bridge series
3. Neck and bridge parallel
4. Neck and bridge series out of phase
5. Bridge alone
Pickups: hand wound alnico V magnets potted in paraffin/beeswax and wound to 7k.
Body: nitric acid under Danish oil and nitro.
Neck: Danish oil




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