This guitar might be described as a hybrid archtop. The top is carved as a traditional archtop would be, totally free floating with parallel bracing. The back is all one billet that has been milled out to make the guitar hollow. Neck is a full tenon with a carved heel. It has two p-rails and a lb6 piezo in the bridge. Its got a pretty versatile sound, its great for country, rock, and blues. I made it this way with praise and worship in mind. I lead at my church occasionally and its great to get acoustic tones from the piezo, and many good electric tones from the magnetics without ever switching guitars or amp settings. The top is old growth fir that was cut in the 1880's. Neck is sugar maple and the body is walnut, both are salvage woods that were cut locally over 100 years ago.

Top: old growth Fir

Neck: old maple

Body: old walnut

binding: curly maple

Fretboard, bridge, pickup rings, and knobs : rose wood

inlays: pearl and silver

Tuners: grover locking


Pickups: 2 prails and an lb6 piezo









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