The Wolverine:

The wolverine was a very unique project, one that I enjoyed very much. It was the vision of my friend Casey who was playing in the band Nomadic at the time. He came to me with a rough sketch and a few references to what he wanted. The vibe of this bass was overall metal and had very aggressive curves, sharp lines, and harsh corners. Casey also wanted it to be neck through, with a fretless ebony fingerboard, a buckeye burl top, and he wanted the whole bass to be as thin and lightweight as possible. I had never made a bass, let alone a fretless one, and I had not worked with buckeye burl either, which made the whole process an interesting task. After many different sketches I finally came up with a design that I was pleased with and Casey liked as well. I made the neck a five piece laminate of maple and walnut, and for added rigidity also installed two carbon fiber rods in addition to the truss rod. This enabled me to go a little bit thinner with the neck and maintain strength. The small size of the body cut down on weight but also allowed me to give around 27 frets worth of access on the fingerboard. The wings of the body were made from black walnut. The total thickness of the body when finished was under 1.5 inches thick, and since the buckeye burl is not very dense this bass is very lightweight. The end result pleased Casey thoroughly, and I was very happy with it too.

Body: neck-through, wings of walnut cap buckeye burl
Neck: 5 piece laminate maple and walnut
Fingerboard: ebony fretless
Fret markers: wood burned symbols mark fret positions
Radius: 12 inches
Truss rod: hot rod two-way adjustable with carbon fiber inserts
Scale length: 34 inches
Nut: buffalo horn
Bridge: Wilkinson
Tuners: Wilkinson
Electronics: 1 volume 1 tone
Pickups: single EMG HZ in the bridge position
Finish: Danish oil/ epoxy filler coat/ lacquer.






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