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Shad the case opened without a problem ! Seeing the guitar for real confirmed and surpassed the beauty of the photo's I've been looking at online for so long. It really is a stunning instrument to behold. Hoping for the best, I plugged it in to my Two-Rock and was simply blown away by it's feel and play. I love the neck and the pups are amazing. Incredible detail is evident everywhere I look. Such an accomplished instrument from one so young - hell from any age luthier. I say that with confidence. because it holds its own with my $8000 Briggs Reserve Stock, and that's saying something. I'll be posting suprelatives soon on the gear page. Tell your friend I was pleased with the case. I'm glad I took your advice on that.

Well done.



Hey Shad,
Just wanted to let you know the guitar arrived fine this past Friday. Today was the first day I could really run it through my amp that’s why I haven’t gotten back to you sooner.The guitar is amazing, you did an incredible job, thanks for all the work on it. The pick ups are great as well and I think you built me the most comfortable neck I’ve ever played. I just posted a little review about it on the gear page. You really do amazing work and I’m loving this guitar. Thanks again for everything and happy holidays to you and your family.



Shad, I'm continually impressed by your ability to become a better and better craftsman. My 'Legend' guitar is beautiful, but your current designs are on an other playing field all together! Keep up!


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