Hi, I'm Shad Peters, the guy behind Peters Instruments. I started building guitars back in 2005 at the age of 15.  I cut my teeth building custom guitars as a young man, something I probably had little business doing at the time. The stakes were high, the pay meager, and the learning curve was steep, but I loved it. I had to figure things out quickly, learn to work with limited resources, and develop new skills at a breakneck speed.  

After many years of making progressively more complex, and involved guitars around the year 2018 I began to feel I had lost touch with my roots. I had made my first guitar out of a pure desire to create music (I could not afford the guitar I wanted so I made one) and over time it had become more about making something that looked cool and unique, and I no longer took much joy in the process. At the same time I started playing, writing, and recording music again, and as I did so I began making new instruments that would help me explore different sounds, and bring a song to life the way I could hear it in my head. 

Over the years I've made hundreds of instruments ranging from the simple to the highly custom and ornate, but that marked a turning point for me. Rather than only making highly custom electric guitars for the few people who can afford them, I wanted to make tools for creativity that helped artists make cool sounds that might have been out of reach before, and, I wanted to do it at a price point that the working musician could access. 

Peters Instruments has grown a bit since then, these days I have a couple helping hands in the shop, but the driving principle is still the same, we want to make cool, unique, and most importantly helpful, musical tools that are accessible to the hardworking musicians out there who are grinding it out trying to create something awesome. 


-Shad Peters