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Acoustic diffuser 46 x 19 x 10.75 QR Diffusion panel studio treatment Quadratic

Acoustic diffuser 46 x 19 x 10.75 QR Diffusion panel studio treatment Quadratic

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These are 7 well QRD diffusers, Handmade in my shop here in rural Indiana.

The over all dimensions are 46 x 19 x 11 1/8" inches, the maximum well depth is 10.75 inches, and each well is 2.25 inches wide. Weight is around 42 lbs.

These are designed to diffuse frequencies from 360hz to 3000hz (and should scatter frequencies as low as 180 hz).

minimum distance to seated position is about 70 inches

These are a useful tool in your arsenal for acoustic treatment. They can help a small room feel larger and tame flutter echo's without killing all the natural ambience in the room, and these larger units can reach down low enough to help with the low mids.  Unlike the smaller units which have a solid wood fin, these, the largest unit we make, require a plywood fin. This does not affect the performance of the diffuser at all, but as you can see in the photos it does affect the aesthetics, as you can see the laminations of the plywood along the front edge. 

these can be mounted to the wall (no mounting hardware is included, but they can be screwed directly to the wall, or hung with picture frame wire) or can be used as a free standing unit

I designed these to be as economical as possible, they come in natural unfinished wood, and you can use them as they are, or apply your own stain and finish. These are not intended to be perfect, but functional. I use std. pine boards for the construction, on the whole they are nice, but some pieces may have a blemish or dent etc. Please understand that this approach is why I am able to offer them for a fraction of the cost of other diffusers. My goal is to make studio treatment more accessible to the average musician.  

These are made to order, and will typically ship within 2 weeks to complete (give or take) .

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