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Peters 8 String Gunmetal lap steel bender bridge, stop tailpiece, made in USA

Peters 8 String Gunmetal lap steel bender bridge, stop tailpiece, made in USA

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Basic Info 

This is the bridge that I use on my own bender lap steel builds. I am often asked what type of bridge I recommend for a lap steel, and if a roller bridge is necessary, my preference is for this style bridge. They are totally flat across the string spread making them well suited to lap steels, and the broad arc where the strings pass over the bridge provides a gentle break angle that is easy on strings and provides smooth bends with a pitch bender. 

This bridge, is handmade right here in my small Indiana shop. Made in the style of a traditional stop tailpiece, these are purpose made to be a lap steel/slide guitar bridge(thought they will work on other guitars too) , so they have zero radius across the top(are totally straight) unlike 99% of all other such tailpieces, making them perfectly suited to playing with a slide.  

They are machined from aluminum, long understood to offer superior resonance to more common bridge materials. We start with solid billet aluminum, cut blanks to length, machine them on our Bridgeport mill, sand and clean them up, and then tumble and polish them, the whole process takes place right here under one roof.

 These will work with just about any standard Tailpiece post that you might have or want, but I also offer them with locking Studs and bushings (see my other listings) 


String Spread- 2" 

String Spacing- .4" 

Stud spacing center to center- 3.2"

Overall length- 3.9" 

Overall width- .9" 

Overall height- .5"

Studs are not included with this listing

Ship Times- 

We do our best to ship out items in a timely manner, however as a small shop making several products we are typically running batches, and depending on the work load it can sometimes be difficult to keep everything stock. It can take sometimes take a week or more for us to fulfil an order, but we do our best to get orders out the door as quick as possible. 
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