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Peters original Pitch Witch G/B bender for lap steel and guitar

Peters original Pitch Witch G/B bender for lap steel and guitar

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Basic Info-
I've been producing my own pitch benders for the lap steels I make for several years now, all the while refining my design. During that period I've been asked so many times if I sell just the bender that I figured it was high time I obliged, and I am proud to finally be able to offer these to the public. 

Use this device on your guitar or lap steel to pedal steel tones without lugging around, or learning to play, a pedal steel. Even used very simply they can add a great deal of depth and width to your music. I'm no steel player, but I use mine in home recordings all the time to create accents and a sense of space, with a little practice you can add a lot to your music with one of these. 

Machined from billet aluminum, and polished to a high gleaming shine, these benders are 100% made and assembled right here in my small Indiana shop. These were designed for lap steels, but should work on just about any electric guitar (albeit it may take a little creativity in some cases).

These aren't the only pitch bender on the market, but in my opinion they are the best, not only do they cost less than comparable devices, but they are also free of many shortcomings, like substantially reduced string life and excessive lever travel, that other products struggle with (not to mention they just plain look better) 

Though I have used them only as a G and B bender, these can be installed on any string pair that you want, and can be adjusted for 1/2 steps or whole steps, you could even do a step and half or two steps as long as your strings can take it. The possibilities for different tunings are endless. 

These ship with all the installation hardware you need, which includes the Bender, mounting screws, pitch tuning machine screws, brass inserts, and Allen adjustment key.  

For those who are interested I also offer a full installation kit at a cost of $25, which includes the correct size drill bits, center punch, and blind hole spotters, to make the installation easier. 

follow this link for complete step by step video where I walk through the installation from beginning to end- https-//


These should fit most lap steels and guitars provided there is enough space behind the bridge to mount them, they require a bare minimum of 3.375" behind the bridge, the unit itself being 3.25" in length.  There is a shorter version available as well for those with less space behind the bridge, it measures just 2" long, and can be seen here- https-//

Thanks for looking! if you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask away. 

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